“To be a leader in advocacy for and rehabilitation of individual’s medical, mental and addiction needs within the county government correctional system all while assuring responsible and efficient utilization of government resources.”

Letter from the Owner

QCC was founded in 2011, after working in the local Sheriff’s Office for 14 years handling the budgets. I noticed during my time with the local sheriff’s office that lots of tax dollars were bring spent on health care for the inmates in the county jail – but there was absolutely no collaboration between medical providers and mental health providers and virtually no addiction treatment going on. Therefore, I kept seeing the same inmate’s names coming across my desk and eventually I started seeing the same names with Jr. or II after it! The cycle was obvious so I stepped out on faith and started QCC- a company that brought medical, mental and addiction services together for the treatment of inmates in hopes of one day reducing the recidivism by teaching these inmates how to better handle their health/addiction and stay out of jail.

The thing I am most proud of about QCC is that we have never employed a sales rep, we do absolutely no advertising or promotion – all of our growth is through word of mouth. Our first year we serviced three jails in the state of Indiana and had a gross revenue of about $500,000 – eight years later we are in 65 of the state’s 91 counties. We provide services to 64 county jails, five work release facilities, four juvenile detention facilities and one municipality. Our annual revenue is just north $17 million!

About two years ago, as a leadership team we decided to consciously focus our attention on enhancing our corporate culture to improve patient outcomes, employee satisfaction and retention as well as reducing the number of frivolous lawsuits we have to defend that are filed by disgruntled inmates. As a result of this focus, we have made considerable improvements in our customer service, employee retention, as well as patient and client satisfaction.