Addiction Counseling

Substance abuse and addiction disorders are often a major contributing factor to an inmate’s arrest and conviction. We recognize the role that drugs and alcohol have on many of the crimes that brought inmates into your facility. For example, in 2006, alcohol or drugs were involved in 78% of all violent crimes, and 83% of property crimes.

We also know that more than 65% of inmates in jails and prisons meet medical criteria for substance abuse addiction. Even more troubling is that the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse at Columbia University estimates that only 11% of inmates with substance abuse disorders receive treatment in prisons and jails. Our goal is to change that for inmates in our care and strive to remove substance addiction and abuse from the list of contributing factors that lead to repeated offenses.

We provide addiction and substance abuse counseling from qualified medical and mental health providers. Perhaps even more importantly, we provide resources and encouragement for inmates to continue their treatment after they are released. This includes providing information for support groups, local clinics, and hospitals.