Quality Correctional Care was founded on and specializes in providing high-quality and affordable health care to inmates of county jails. Our nursing and medical staff is highly trained and experienced to address the unique needs and challenges that are presented in a correctional setting, and to do so in a budget-conscious way.

To ensure that inmates’ medical care needs are met, we have developed thorough and comprehensive healthcare protocols and procedures that are easy to follow for nursing staff and correctional officers alike. This ensures that there is never a doubt or hesitation when a medical need arises in the correctional setting.

Because we understand the stresses of meeting budgetary demands, our medical repricing experts will ensure that your facility pays the lowest allowable amount for covered medical services. This allows us to provide the highest level of medical services, at the lowest possible cost. In 2015, our clients paid an average of $.0.19 on the dollar for medical services. This amounts to a total savings of $3.8 million combined for all of our county facilities.