QCC conducts training with correctional officers designed by medical professionals to ensure that up-to-date medical practices and protocols are in place for the safety of officers and inmates. We emphasize the importance of correctional officers’ role in the health, safety, and treatment of inmates in our care, and strive to form a partnership with jail officers in all of our client counties.

Our training program is also designed to minimize the likelihood of lawsuits and negligent behavior on the part of officers and medical staff. This training is in line with requisite mandated training for correctional officers, and is documented by QCC personnel for reporting purposes. Our goal is for all facility personnel to feel confident in their knowledge and ability to deal with medical issues that arise in the correctional setting.

We offer standardized, basic jail training for all of our counties, with information and practices that apply to all facilities like medication distribution, suicide prevention, recognition and treatment for common medical and mental illnesses, and preventing deliberate indifference lawsuits. We can, however, develop county-specific training to emphasize specific skills or practices at the request of the Sheriff or Jail Commander at each facility.