Mental Health

One of the services that sets QCC apart from its competitors is Psychiatric evaluation and counseling. We recognize mental health services and one of the most important ways to fight recidivism among county inmates. Many experts claim that the largest housing unit for the mentally ill in the United States is the jail system. There are simply not enough mental health and counseling services and locations available to meet the needs of the growing population with mental illnesses or disorders. According to the Department of Justice, about 1 in 4 jail inmates meets the criteria for some psychotic disorder. Indiana is among the 44 states with more people with a mental illness housed in jails than in hospitals. We believe we can utilize this window to affect positive change.

QCC sees an inmate’s sentence as an opportunity to start services and/or counseling to address any issues that may have led to a person’s conviction. We also provide resources to aid and encourage inmates to continue treatment once they are released. We believe that with the right treatment and resources, we can truly make a difference in the lives of inmates in our care, and minimize the likelihood of future imprisonment.