Quality 360

Quality 360 Healthcare Alliance is the nonprofit partner of Quality Correctional Care. Q360 was developed in 2020 to increase access to substance use and mental health treatment services to patients in county jails throughout Indiana without implications to the taxpayer. All services provided by Q360 are funded through federal, state, and local grants. It is the mission and purpose of Q360 to assist corrections-involved individuals in their healthcare journey from initial interaction with law enforcement through successful transition to the community by providing and encouraging acute stabilization, psychotherapy and education, medication management, and transitional care services on a local and state-wide level.

There is no denying the connection between those with mental illness and substance use disorder and increased interactions with law enforcement as jails and prisons have become the nation’s largest psychiatric holding facilities. From initial identification of healthcare needs, Q360 operates with a focus on immediate safety and stabilization in order to begin the journey to recovery and wellness. It is the passion and duty of Q360 to provide support to our patients during this time through a fluidity of services from the first interaction with law enforcement and through incarceration in partnership with our for-profit company, Quality Correctional Care. The focus of Q360 is to provide services through release and transition in order help these individuals navigate the system, obtain necessary medical and psychiatric care and stabilization, encourage substance use treatment and rehabilitation, and ultimately reduce recidivism and costs to the county and the state. Building relationships with our patients is at the core of who we are. Helping patients find their meaning and encourage success moving toward their goals is the front line of what we do and why we do it-to make individuals healthier in mind, body, and spirit and thus create healthier families and communities.

Incarceration Services:

Q360 engages patients in the correctional setting by providing evidence-based group and individual therapies, psychoeducation and life skills, case management services, peer support, and addiction recovery services in conjunction with Quality Correctional Care, who provides daily medication management and medical services. When clinically indicated, Medication Assisted Treatment is initiated or continued to further treatment. The connection and relationship between crime and psychiatric illness has intensified over the recent years and nearly 15% of men and 30% of women who are booked into jails have a serious mental health condition (National Alliance on Mental Illness, 2020). Addressing mental illness and addictions is necessary. Growing our patients and helping them learn how to cope with past trauma, past and present mental illness, and ongoing substance use assists patients in being productive parents, family members, and community members. These services are provided by licensed mental health providers, registered nurses, and licensed physicians. Funds from local county contracts and grants, Recovery Works, and when applicable Medicaid and its Managed Care Entities (MCEs) are utilized to provide these services.

Transitional Care:

Q360 strives to provide our patients with successful transition-of-care services including mental health and addiction care and medication management. Often while in the jail setting our partner Quality Correctional Care is able to get patients stabilized on medications in conjunction with mental health treatment and supportive services however frequently, once released, patients are unable to initiate services with a community provider within a reasonable amount of time and may run out of medication or experience a crisis in which they have no one to turn to. This creates a high-risk factor for relapse and, in turn, likely recidivism. Q360 will engage these patients in services for 60 days post-release in collaboration with our pharmacy partner, Quality RX, in order to continue medication management while encouraging interactions with mental health and addictions services providers and assisting with referrals to local community resources and assuring a seamless transition of care. These services are provided by licensed physicians, licensed mental health and addictions providers, and registered nurses. Transitional Care will be supported through Recovery Works funds, Medicaid and its MCEs, private insurance, and county contract funds.

Q360 focuses on educating patients, families, communities, law enforcement, and leaders on the impacts of mental illness and substance use both on the individual and to the communities. Mental health encompasses emotional, psychological, and social well-being and impacts most areas of our daily functioning. Understanding mental health and how psychiatric illnesses and substance use can play a role is crucial to prevention and reduction of recidivism in our communities. Education will be provided by licensed mental health and addictions team members in conjunction with mental health trained nursing staff. Funds will be utilized from grants, contractual agreements, and the general fund.

Officer Support: 

Law enforcement officers are on the front lines responding to emergencies daily. These calls can be traumatizing, even for someone trained in emotional first aid. Q360 offers individual and group crisis management training and debriefing following critical incident situations. Additionally, Q360 offers support groups to significant others of law enforcement officers to address the stressors initiated by the job that carry on into home life. Having a manageable work/life balance with a basic understanding of coping strategies and building a community of support can help reduce the impacts of the job on the officer and the family.

Inpatient Stabilization Units: COMING SOON

Q36O currently has contracts in 26 counties throughout the state. Services are provided in varying intensities based on population, need, and operational capacity in the facility.