Recent News: Nurse Saves Life of Corrections Officer

Nurse Stephanie Clapp Saves Life of Corrections Officer Mark Griffith

A big thank you and congratulations is in order to Stephanie Clapp, the jailhouse nurse for Delaware County and other Quality Assurance CC member counties. On the night of Friday, July 22nd, Stephanie was working in the jail when Corrections Officer Mark Griffith began having a seizure. During this time Corrections Officer Griffith quit breathing.

Stephanie responded immediately along with Corrections Officer Davis by beginning rescue breathing. Stephanie then used the AED on site to save his life while awaiting the ambulance. Corrections Officer Davis was then transported to BMH where he was admitted and spent several days. Thanks to the quick actions of Nurse Stephanie Clapp and Corrections Officer Davis he is alive today.

While nursing staff provided by Quality Assurance CC is primarily in place for inmates, there may be times such as above when they may be needed by the corrections staff as well. Quality Assurance CC commends Stephanie for a job well done in providing life saving care for Corrections Officer Mark Griffith as well as all of the day to day care she provides to each of the inmates under her care.